1. What is the density?

Low density, large lot
W. Windsor, NJ
Levittown, NY
Saratoga, CA
DUA: 1-5
Single family density
St. Pete (coquina Key)
Phoenix (Coronado)
St. Louis (N/W of Wash. U.)
DUA: 6-10
Moderate density with infill potential
Palatine, IL
Shaker Square, OH
Brookline, MA (Wash. Sq.)
DUA: 11-20
Clustered Development
Portland (Jamison Sq.)
Boston (Beacon Hill)
LA (Chandler Station)
Arlington, VA
DUA: 21-99
High density
New York
San Francisco
DUA: 100

2. How is your neighborhood zoned?

Single use, large scale zoning
Commercial/mixed-use zoning in town centers or corridors
Mostly mixed uses with few single use buildings
High intensity, mixed-use, transit-oriented zoning

3. How Many Transit Modes are Availabile?

No Transit Modes Available: Car Only
1 Mode: Typically Bus Serving Peak Period Commutes
2 Modes: Typically Corridor-Based Commuter Transit
3+ Modes: Frequent, Coordinated Transit Network

4. What is the Shape of the Streets?

Curvilinear, Low interconnectivity
Mix Curvilinear/Grid/Web
Grid/Web, High interconnectivity

5. What is the Quality of Sidewalks for Pedestrians?

No Sidewalks
Some Sidewalks/Unused
Some Sidewalks/Used
Sidewalks on All Streets/Interconnected
Fully integrated network of maintained sidewalks

6. What is the Quality of Bicycle Amenities?

No Bike Lanes
Some Dedicated Bike Lanes/ Shared Roadways/Disconnected
Some Dedicated Bike Lanes/Interconnected
Many Dedicated Bike Lanes/Defined Routes

7. What Type of Parking Exists?

Free, Abundant On/Off-Street Parking
Metered Parking, Pay Garages
Limited Parking With Time-Based Restrictions, Market-Based Rates